Aug 30

Labour Day Weekend

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CrossFit London is closed this weekend for the holiday, but here are a couple workouts you can do on your own! We will be open again for regular scheduling on Tuesday September 2nd at 6AM.

Workout 1:

Run 1 mile (1600 meters) ,every minute on the minute do 6 burpees.
if burpees aren’t completed in
the minute, reduce reps 5,4, 3… and
finish the mile

Workout 2:

Pushups and Situps


Scale pushups as needed your first progression should be something you can do about 20 continuous reps of.

Record total time

Aug 29

Recovery is Key!

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I had someone come to me with a problem, and I thought I would share my answers with everyone because it seems to be a common beginner’s mistake.

They told me that they had been coming to the gym for a while (and they have) and they noticed that other people that come about as often as them are making faster gains.

It would be easy to blame genetics but realistically it comes down to recovery if you are doing the same workout and putting in the same effort. (For arguments sake we will say it’s the same)

In this case we want to investigate recovery.  If you can recover faster you can work harder the next day!

Recovery can be broken down into a many categories but we will keep it simple (Sleep, Nutrition, Stress)

Sleep – treat yourself like a small child, and give yourself a bed time and bedtime routine.  Be strict and you will reap the benefits of recovering while sleeping.  Deprive yourself of sleep and you deprive yourself of recover (weekends included) Make your sleeping environment relaxing (no TV, computers, ambient light sources etc…)

Nutrition – Many beginners or people that want to lean out will make the mistake of not eating enough food, slowing down their metabolism and slowing the recovery process.  Gaining some lean muscle will help decrease fat as your resting metabolism raises and makes it easier to burn that extra fat.  I do recommend a protein shake post workout to decrease muscle soreness, replenish the muscles as soon as possible, and decrease hunger because protein helps with fullness. Fish oil is also a great helper to improve lung power and decrease soreness and it improves oxygen uptake and increases circulation.

Stress – Different people are going to deal with stress different ways, but a simple way that you can try at home is as you sit at the table for dinner start the conversation with 3 things that you are grateful for.  The routine of framing things within the context of what you are grateful for will make you see more positive things as they happen.

*** Note

When you are choosing supplements make sure to choose the highest quality possible.  There are many to choose from and they all make great claims, if you’re not sure let an expert guide you.  You wouldn’t knowingly choose a workout that’s 25% less effective, so why choose a supplement that way.

I recommend a protein isolate made from New Zealand whey.  You are looking for something that should have 27g of protein per 30g scoop and should be low to no sugar, the ingredients list should be a very few items and all readable non-chemical names.

For people at the gym I recommend XPN ISO XTREM.

Fish oil can be taken anywhere from 2x/wk to daily depending on the desired goal.  Again there are many to choose from.  You want pharmaceutical grade fish oil they come in pills or oil form.  For oil form I would say you are at the right quality level when you exceed 750mg EPA, and 500DHA per 5ml (tsp) and you should look for a way to verify quality (ie

For people at the gym I recommend NutraSea +D.

Now keep in mind when shopping for supplements they aren’t all made equal, I hear about coupon clipping moms buying stuff that I wouldn’t feed to my dog.  The brands I have chosen are for a reason, they provide an expiration date and lot number so you can see the tested values are true to what they say on the bottle, they are made responsibly and ethically.  They have a proper nutrition label and a short ingredients list and aren’t just trying to make the label read right.  They have no “extra” additives and are clean athlete safe.  They are decent tasting, lets be honest if it doesn’t taste OK it’s not going to get eaten.
See the below photo for an example of a proper nutrition label with your ideal ingredients.

Ask a coach or our onsite dietitian about how these things can be mixed in to your routine to maximize the hard work you’re already putting in.

Aug 28

Strength for Running Fast Tip #1

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Coach Dave Henry from CrossFit London gives direction on Peterson Step Ups for runners to help strengthen and correct muscle imbalances of the VMO.

Aug 25

Student Discount on all CrossFit London Gym Memberships!

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CrossFit London is proud to offer a 15% DISCOUNT to all students who sign up for a gym membership.  Stop by the gym during regular business hours (9am-2pm), bring your student card and a void cheque, and get started right away with a CrossFit Membership.


Not quite sure if CrossFit is for you?  Try a FREE CLASS either Wednesday morning (8:00-9:00am) or Thursday evening (7:00-8:00pm) by reserving your spot online: book your free class here

Bootcamp is another great way to get introduced to CrossFit through a 4-week introductory program.  Bootcamp is held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings (6:00-7:00am) and offers short, high-intensity workouts designed to push your body to new limits under the supervision of a qualified CrossFit coach.  Our Bootcamps always sell out fast, so reserve your spot online to avoid disappointment.

If you have any questions about joining CrossFit London, trying a FREE CLASS, signing-up for Bootcamp, or are interested in personal training, contact us at! Don’t forget to bring your student card to earn your 15% STUDENT DISCOUNT.

Aug 22

Class Scheduling Change for Tomorrow

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Just a reminder that on Saturday, August 23rd our 9AM and 10AM classes are pushed back to 1PM and 2PM!


Remember, you can always check out the up-to-date schedule here.

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