Oct 16

Snack Box Nutrition Seminar

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Jennifer Broxterman, a long-time CrossFit London member and Registered Dietitian for our gym, would like to invite you out to her Snack Box Nutrition Seminar she will be hosting at the Western Fair Farmers’ Market on Saturday November 8, 2014 from 3-4pm.

  • Learn how to build a healthy “snack box” filled with grab-and-go snack ideas for home & work
  • Get out of a food rut, increase energy levels, and feel good about putting real food into your body
  • BONUS: receive a $5 Kosuma gift card, $20 nutrition counselling gift card, and $20 CrossFit London training pass ($45 value)


Location: Western Fair Farmers’ Market, 900 King Street, London, ON N5Y 5P8

Date & Time: Saturday November 8, 2014 from 3-4pm

Cost: $19.99

Register Online: http://snackboxnutritionseminar.eventbrite.ca

Or, for CrossFit London members only, simply send an email to info@crossfitlondon.ca and write “sign me up for the Snack Box Nutrition Seminar” and we’ll take care of the registration and billing for you!

As a bonus, light refreshments will be served by the Fire Roasted Coffee Company along with protein bars provided by Kosuma Foods. Members of the audience will also have a chance to make homemade Energy Bites that they can take home as part of their snack kit.

For only $19.99, it’s well worth your time to come out and get some new healthy snack ideas!

Hope to see you there, and please register in advance using the link provided (or better yet send info@crossfitlondon.ca an email saying “sign me up”) to save your seat. Seating is limited and tickets sales work on a first come, first served basis.

Oct 15

Like CrossFit London on Facebook

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If you aren’t already part of our Facebook group, go “LIKE” CrossFit Londononline right now, as well as our nutrition page NutritionRx!

There’s plenty of cool CrossFit workout pictures to look at, funny blog posts to skim, and insightful CrossFit articles to read as you troll through the content at home.  Our CrossFit London Facebook page is where a lot of our community and social interaction outside of training at the gym grows, and where we post important updates about upcoming events.

Interested in trying a FREE WORKOUT at CrossFit London?  Sign up here: Try a Free Class

Oct 14

Getting Started at CrossFit London

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If you aren’t already part of our Facebook group, don’t forget to “LIKE” CrossFit London online, as well as our nutrition page NutritionRx!


Our FREE WORKOUT session is a complimentary training session at CrossFit London for adults 18 years or older of all ability levels. At this session you will have the opportunity to work with a certified CrossFit coach in a small-group setting and try a regular CrossFit workout at no charge. Our FREE WORKOUT sessions are by appointment only and take place each week on Wednesdays (8-9 am) and Thursdays (7-8 pm). Reserve your spot online: http://www.crossfitlondon.ca/wp/getting-started/free-workout/

To join CrossFit London regular CrossFit classes you must complete ONE of the following:

Each month, CrossFit London holds a 4-week Bootcamp that incorporates the exercise principles of CrossFit into fun and challenging high-intensity workouts designed to get you real results. Class size is limited to 10 people to ensure personal coaching for each participant. Bootcamp takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 6-7 am. Reserve your spot online: http://www.crossfitlondon.ca/wp/getting-started/bootcamp/


CrossFit London also offers a One Day Intro session, which teaches the fundamental CrossFit movements, Olympic weight lifting, mobility, and recovery exercises under the supervision of a certified CrossFit coach. Designed with the beginner in mind, our goal is to help you feel more comfortable doing CrossFit with us or on your own. Our One Day Intro sessions are typically held 1x/month on a Saturday from 1-5 pm. Reserve your spot online: http://www.crossfitlondon.ca/wp/getting-started/1dayintro/


($65-75/hr based on coach’s experience)
Completion of at least three (1-hour) personal training sessions with a CrossFit coach is required before joining regular CrossFit classes. Personal training can be done individually or with a small group (2-4 people) for the same hourly rate, and appointment times are flexible. To book an appointment email: info@crossfitlondon.ca


Once you have completed our CrossFit London Bootcamp OR One Day Intro OR 3 personal training sessions, you have achieved the basic skill level required to jump into our regular CrossFit classes.


Regular classes are held six days per week (see schedule) and are based on the CrossFit prescription of constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.  We offer 22 Regular CrossFit classes, 2 Power Hour classes, 1 Mobility class, and 5 Open Gym classes each week. As a bonus, we DO NOT require you sign up for your workout time in advance and you have the flexibility to drop into any class time you wish week to week.

Each regular CrossFit class delivers fitness that is designed to be broad, general, and inclusive. In every workout, you will be presented with new fitness challenges and an ever-changing stimulus by incorporating many different activities and skills, such skipping, rowing, running, Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics, dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, box jumps, rope climbs, tire flips, body weight movements, muscle ups, and more!

Our group classes are community-orientented, have tiered programming for beginners, intermediate, and advanced/competitive athletes, and focus on skill development, performance, and constant self-improvement under the supervision of a qualified coach.

35 Classes/Week
22 CrossFit Classes: High intensity strength and cardiovascular CrossFit training open to all levels of athletes. Programming is tiered for beginners, intermediate, and advanced/competitive athletes to ensure everyone gets the right level of challenge.
5 Open Gym Classes: Open gym time to choose your own workout to continue to develop your CrossFit skills and address weaknesses in performance.
3 Bootcamp Classes: 1-month long Bootcamp designed to introduce new members to CrossFit training principles.  Training takes place 3x/week.
2 Free Trial Classes: Non-members can try a CrossFit workout for FREE in a small group setting to see what a real CrossFit class is like before joining the gym. Advance registration is required for this class: http://www.crossfitlondon.ca/wp/getting-started/free-workout/
2 Power Hour Classes: Dedicated training times to practice the Olympic and power lifts under the supervision of an Olympic lifting coach.
1 Mobility Class: A dedicated hour each week to work on mobility, stretching, and recovery exercises with the guidance of a coach.


For those individuals who can’t commit to a long-term membership for work, family, or travel reasons, a 10-Pass or 25-Pass training card can be purchased that allows you to drop in for 10 or 25 regular classes any time at your convenience. Pay-Per-Use Passes expire one year after purchase. This option is only available for those who have successfully completed a Bootcamp, a 1-Day Intro session, or three personal training sessions.

Oct 6

5 feats of impressive grip strength

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With all athletics understanding whats good/great and mediocre is important…. here are a few great achievements to go for…

1.) #3 captains of crush grippers (#2 for women)

this requires 280lbs of crushing power to close…. most athletes will not be able to do reps with the number 1 at 140lbs
if you can do this they will publish a 1 page article in Milo magazine (a magazine for powerlifters and strongmen)

2.) Rolling Thunder deadlift 100kg for men/50kg for women

This is a one handed deadlift that has a thick aprox 2″ handle that rotates. Here are the details on setting a world record

3.) Pinch Grip 2x 45lbs plates flat side out and lift then perform a full one handed deadlift
you will have world class pinch grip if you can do this.

4.) Hub lift 20kg/ 16kg women
this is to simulate the center hub on a 45lb plate as seen in the video below
or with the use of ironmind hub.

5.) One arm pullup
although this requires other arm strength, usually the weak link starts with Grip…Notice the forearms below…

Oct 6

3 Things you can do to increase your crush grip

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3 Things you can do to increase your crush grip:

1.)    Wire cutting

A simple and cheap way to train the hands is to get a small pair of pliers and a large roll of wire and cut it, inch by inch.  Fence wire is cheap and thick enough to give your hands a workout.  If it’s too easy, it’s because the pliers are too large and are giving you to much leverage.  (soldiers use large cutters to speed the work of cutting, you will do the opposite)

2.)    Sand bag/kettle bell catching

A small heavy bag filled with steel shot or kettlebell being thrown can increase your explosive crush strength because of the force required to not drop the weight

3.)    Heavy Hand grippers


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