Dec 22

December 23 CrossFit London Hours

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Tuesday December 23, 2014 CrossFit London Hours:

Regular schedule is in still in effect

7-8 am All Levels CrossFit Class
4-5 pm All Levels CrossFit Class
5-6 pm All Levels CrossFit Class
6-7 pm All Levels CrossFit Class
7-8 pm Mobility Class

Our regular schedule will resume on Friday January 2nd. Don’t forget that you can always check our online schedule for up-to-date gym hours.

VISITORS: If you’re an experienced CrossFitter visiting from out of town and want to drop in for a workout at CrossFit London, it’s $20 for a drop-in class or $40 for a 1-week unlimited classes pass. New visitors to the gym can download and sign a waiver and pre-pay online with a credit card through our Visitors Page. No need to call, email, or sign-in in advance, just arrive about 5-10 minutes prior to the class start time with your completed waiver and proof of payment and you’re good to go! Directions to our downtown London location (with lots of FREE parking) can be found on our Contact page.

Stay tuned for some extra holiday workouts that we’ll post online so you can stay fit while enjoying the holiday season!

If you aren’t already part of our Facebook group, don’t forget to “LIKE” CrossFit London online, as well as our nutrition page NutritionRx!

Dec 20

New Years Eve Midnight Workout and Party

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CrossFit London has decided to host a fun New Years Eve Midnight Workout and Party on Dec. 31, 2014 to ring in 2015 right!

The plan will be to have a fun workout from 10:30-11:30pm and then enjoy potluck finger foods and drinks with some champagne at midnight.

Please click on the following link to sign up for the potluck finger food you plan on bringing:

NOTE: YOU NEED TO SIGN UP IF YOU’RE COMING so we can confirm #s for food, champagne, and the workout.

There will be a $50 CASH PRIZE for the best food as an incentive to bring your A-game.

Entertainment will include a fun team workout, team quiz, and cocktail hour after midnight. Kids are welcome to join!

Dress: casual/workout gear… no rules here so feel free to wear whatever you like ;)

Hope to see you at our NYE Workout Party!

Dec 20

Is CrossFit Too Intense for Me?

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The short answer is NO, but let’s talk about why.

You have likely heard about CrossFit from a friend, family member or colleague.  They’ve talked about how much they love it, how much they’ve improved, how much more energy they have, or maybe how much weight they’ve lost.  So the next logical step is to Google “CrossFit” and start to look into it.

There are countless videos, websites, articles and pictures of what CrossFit is and what the workouts are like.  A lot of them show very fit people doing insane workouts that leave them gasping for air, flat on their backs at the end.  You’ll likely come across The CrossFit Games in your search, which is the Olympics of CrossFit.  These are the best of the best CrossFitters from across the globe.  99.99%  (actually that’s a real percentage) of the rest of people doing CrossFit do not workout like they do.  You will not see these same workouts in almost any CrossFit gym.  The rest of the people who do CrossFit simply show up to the gym on a consistent basis, and day by day try to improve their health and fitness.  So how are they doing it?

We will admit that at first CrossFit workouts can feel intense.  However intensity will fluctuate, and will be different for every athlete who walks in the door.  Intensity is where results come from.  We expect our athletes to work as hard as they can or feel comfortable with on any given day based on their current skill set and capabilities.  All of the workouts are scalable, which means we can alter the movements or weight involved to ensure the workout is appropriate for your current fitness level.  With an appropriate weight and movement, you can begin to push yourself harder than if you tried to do a workout that is too challenging.

Here is an example of a short but tough, classic CrossFit workout called “Fran”

The workout is 21-15-9 reps of: (this means you do 21 of each, 15 of each and 9 of each)

Thrusters with 95lbs.  (Barbell starts on the shoulders, squat all the way down and explode back up and push the barbell overhead with fully extended arms)



Pullups (Arms start fully extended hanging from a bar, pull yourself all the way up and chin over the bar)


Now what if you can’t do a pullup, but you are strong enough to do the Thrusters.  Your workout may look like this.


Thrusters with 95 lbs.

Jumping Pullups



In this workout, the athlete stands on a box under the bar.  The athlete lowers themselves so that their arms are fully extended and jumps up so that their chin clears the bar.  From here the athlete controls the lowering portion of the pullup all the way so that their arms are fully extended.

Taking it a bit further, what if that weight is too heavy, and an athlete cannot control the decent of the pullup or jump up high enough to clear the chin over the bar.  This athlete’s workout may look like this:


Thrusters with 55lbs

Ring Rows.


In this workout, the weight has been lowered to something within the athlete’s capabilities at this time.  A ring row starts with a set of rings set around shoulder height.  The athlete stands with their feet under the rings, leans back so that their arms fully extend, and pulls themselves up so that the chest touches the hands.  The exact foot position can be adjusted to any strength and skill level.

As you can see we can take any workout, and make certain modifications to ensure that every athlete is working within their capabilities, and not trying to perform a workout they are not ready for.  This is where the intensity comes from.  So while we certainly want you to work hard, get stronger and more fit, we want you to progress at a pace that is reasonable for you.

Our Bootcamp begins at square one, focuses on the fundamentals, teaches you how to move correctly and efficiently, and how to scale workouts no matter what your fitness background entails.  Click here to see a full list of our upcoming bootcamp dates.


Dec 19

Visitors to CrossFit London Over the Holidays

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VISITORS: If you’re an experienced CrossFitter visiting from out of town and want to drop in for a workout at CrossFit London over the holidays, it’s $20 for a drop-in class or $40 for a 1-week unlimited classes pass. New visitors to the gym can download and sign a waiver and pre-pay online with a credit card through our Visitors Page. No need to call, email, or sign-in in advance, just arrive about 5-10 minutes prior to the class start time with your completed waiver and proof of payment and you’re good to go! Directions to our downtown London location (with lots of FREE parking) can be found on our Contact page.

SCHEDULE: Our regular class schedule offers 6am, 7am, 8am, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm CrossFit and speciality classes. Please check our online schedule for up-to-date gym hours.

CROSSFIT PROGRAMMING: Each all-levels CrossFit class is split into 2 different programs: (1) beginner/intermediate and (2) advanced/competitive. You may self-select which program you wish to follow, but both include elements of weightlifting, gymnastics work, metabolic conditioning, skill work development, and mobility/cool down work.

EQUIPMENT: We invest in only the finest equipment at CrossFit London, and have professional squat racks, Eleiko barbells, Eleiko weightlifting plates, Rogue weightlifting plates, as well as many other training toys such as rings, pullup bars, GHD back extension machines, sleds, ropes, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, rowing machines, ab mats, and more for you to play with as part of a challenging workout!

ONLINE GYM TOUR: Check out pictures of our big, bright 4000 square foot CrossFit London facility located in downtown London, Ontario.  A photo album of our gym training space and equipment can be found on our CrossFit London Facebook page: CrossFit London Gym Tour

LONDON’S MOST EXPERIENCED CROSSFIT COACHES: We’ve been a CrossFit affiliate since 2006, and Head Coach Dave Henry trained directly under CrossFit HQ founder & CEO Greg Glassman. Canada East Regional-level athlete Jennifer Broxterman (4 times CrossFit Regionals competitor) has trained out of CrossFit London since 2008. For quality coaching and a legit CrossFit workout in a clean and professional facility, the place to be is CrossFit London!

Dec 17

Crossover Symmetry Review

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This is a totally unsolicited review of CrossOver Symmetry.

I chose to review this product to be helpful to other trainers and people with shoulder problems.

What is it? The idea is variable band resistance and a system of movements that the athlete will follow.  The exercise movement board  (included) takes a few mins to explain to someone but once shown it all makes sense.  (or about an hour or so watching the DVD)

In my years of experience I have been able to help many people with shoulder problems, but it’s always been a long and arduous process.  Mainly because it takes so long to asses and download the plan to the person with hurt shoulders.  Although I don’t think CrossOver Symetry is a 100% solution its a very good one size fits most program. What do I mean by that, many people will find improvements with this but it will not work on 100% of people.  It may require some in person coaching or manual therapy to debug some final issues.

The good news is that this fits my number one training rule of DO NO HARM.  The effort required to test if this will work for you is so little that the chance of injury during this is almost non-existent.

The movement patterns follow a sequence that would be very similar to what a physio would offer for injured shoulders. (large muscle to small muscle)  The problem is that many physio’s spend most of their time with under motivated patients and other people that are not putting up their own money so they put very little effort into recovery.  As a result they water the programs down to make them easier to accomplish. The second problem is that  most peoples coverage or cash seems to dry up once they stop being in daily pain.  This is a dangerous spot to stop in my opinion.  Your shoulder is just ready to start doing more but you stop doing everything and you expose yourself to being very weak in certain ranges. Pain free is just step one.

I think that the following situations are perfect for Crossover symmetry

  • This can be used after an acute injury (under supervision)
  • This should be used when released from physio and given the ok, to return to workout.
  • This should be used as a way to increase dynamic speed and dynamic mobility with the shoulder.  (think throwing a person with a bad shoulders worst nightmare)
  • This can be used as a postural corrective devise (retracting the shoulders to where they should be vs forward)
  • This can be used as a shoulder Pre Hab devise that can be used to cool you down post workout.


I like the system because it can be done in a about 2 mins once it’s been taught to someone.  I like it because its simple to understand and easy to action as part of a warm-up/cool down as required.  They have obviously spent time seeing what works and what doesn’t.  They have tested whats a reasonable plan and whats too much.  This saves the trainer and athlete respectively a lot of time.  It’s very easy to modify with very injured shoulders and still see progress.


Price could be a concern for some ranging between $250-$300 to get yourself setup at home and more for a proper gym setup with more variations with bands.  If you knew what you were doing you could buy similar bands on amazon for under $40 but you would be missing out on the quality of manufacturing of the product, the system of movements which took considerable time and effort to setup, and the product warranty.  It can also be difficult without having viewed the DVD or having rehab experience to understand what bands would be appropriate for each situation. (this makes buying for an individual harder)

With all that being said I have had Crossover symmetry  in my gym for about 9 months as I write this and I have been happy enough to buy a second gym set.  I think the extra money spent is worth it because of the system they provide with it.  Without that knowledge and experience its just some random set of rubber bands.

About the Author

Dave has been a strength coach Full time for 8 years and is the owner of CrossFit London ON.  He has worked with Pro athletes, Local Swat team, Military, and mainly every day people that want to be badasses.  His complete bio is here


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