Jun 28

Getting Started at CrossFit London

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We provide fitness training for all ability levels lead by caring, professional coaches in London, Ontario, Canada.

CrossFit Classes

Group classes, led by our awesome coaches and scaled to your exact fitness level. You’ll get fitter, faster, and leaner using the CrossFit methodology. Click below to learn more about CrossFit Classes at CrossFit London.

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Personal Training

One-on-one training, customized to your goals. We specialize in body composition change, fat loss, and improved performance. Click below to learn more about personal training, including our free consultation.

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Free Trial Class

Everyone should experience the difference that professional coaching makes to your health and well-being. Click below to sign up for a Free Trial Class, meet your coaches, and see if CrossFit London is right for you.
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What Our Clients are Saying…

  • I value my health and this is a time-efficient way to take great care of my body and mind.
  • It’s a done-for-me fitness solution, and all I have to do is show up and work hard.
  • It’s great to be surrounded by other positive, hard working, and like-minded people who encourage me to be my best.
  • I trust my coach as a knowledgeable expert to help me get the results I’m looking for.
  • Training at CrossFit London is the BEST hour of my entire day!



Jun 24

Mid summer check-in (Noah Carroll Guelph Storm)

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Noah Carroll Plays for the Guelph Storm. (OHL hockey Team)
He signed up to train one on one with Head Coach Dave Henry

After 8 weeks of training we have made some serious changes his body.  Mainly 10lbs of lean mass, and some serious strength.

When putting a program like this together we have a lot of considerations to make. We can’t just gain weight, we must increase power and speed, and give him endurance to continue to use this speed.  Because he is a high level hockey player, the work must translate to the ice.

Noah has been hitting all of my testing markers early and has actually doubled his strength on many movements such as cleans, pullups and we do plan to still see more out of him.  As he starts to meet the strength goals early in the summer it means we get to build more strength and have more time to get his sprinting speeds up.

We are excited to see the progress over the remainder of the summer and the upcoming season of hockey.

Want results like Noah?  Email us to book a consult


Noah Back

Noah Front

Noah Side

Jun 8

How to Workout After Having Kids

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There’s no doubt about it, kids can make regular exercise tough.  As a father with a daughter under the age of two, I understand how busy family life can be. Children have after-school activities that you need to get them to, they get sick and need to be cared for, and until they are older you can’t just leave them at home and head to the gym. Although at times it can seem impossible to juggle a family life and maintain a regular workout schedule, there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for success.

Over the years I have worked with many clients who have children.  I’m going to show you how to:

  • Set a flexible weekly training schedule,
  • Adapt to the constant change of your children’s extracurricular activities, and
  • Make family fitness a part of your lifestyle.


Set a Schedule but be Flexible

If you have younger children, try to organize a weekly schedule to get in your workouts. People who plan ahead and schedule their training in advance are more successful in achieving their workout goals. This could look like one weekday morning, one weekday evening and a weekend workout. Ask your babysitter or spouse to watch your child(ren) for an extra hour to open up some time to do a quick workout. There are also exercise classes for parents and young children, such as parent and infant/ toddler running classes where you train with your child in a stroller.

Remember that this schedule should be flexible. If you are up all night with a teething baby, that may not be the best morning to head to the gym. If at all possible, set up a small chunk of time for a “back-up” workout. This way you have a last resort in case life gets a little crazy. Set a goal of 3 workouts that week, but don’t beat yourself up if it’s not the same 3 days every week.  While it’s true that maintaining a regular schedule will assist in your progress, the reality of very young children is that routine sometimes goes out the window.

Boy Football


As they grow older, your training may need to adapt to the sports or activities they are doing.  If your child plays hockey and practices on Saturday mornings, you’ll have to reschedule your workout days to fit that in. This could be a good chance to bundle up and get in some winter running.  If it’s soccer in the park, perhaps you can do a workout in the same park.  After a few workouts you will likely inspire other parents to join you who also have a tough time fitting in workouts.

Try this on the field:

Warmup: 2 rounds

  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 Squats
  • 10 Jumping Squats
  • 10 Pushups
  • 30 second plank hold


Workout: 3 Rounds

  • Shuttle Run Out and Back X 2 (Pick an object in the park and run there and back)
  • 10 Lunges
  • 15 Pushups
  • 10 Jumping Lunges
  • 15 Situps


Remember, doing anything active is better than doing nothing at all. Even small bursts of exercise are going to improve your physical health and fitness, so as long as you’re moving you’re making a positive impact on your health.

Workout with the Family

Making fitness a part of the family lifestyle will not only benefit you, but your entire family. You can always find an activity to do together, depending on how old your children are.

Sean Workout

How to Exercise with Your Kids at any Age

Infants/Toddlers – Running or walking with strollers, biking with infant seats/carriers, or sit them beside you and do some bodyweight movements (see workout above).

School-Age Children – Family bike rides, playground games, winter skating, swimming, make a snowman or volunteer to coach their sport teams.

Teenagers – Train at the gym together, paddle boarding, trail running, swimming or hiking.


By making this a regular routine for the family, you will be instilling valuable habits for them to carry on throughout their lives.  Fitness is different for everyone, and everyone has different goals.  If your family can help each other obtain these goals, it’s a win-win situation.

Ready to get back on track? Looking for a little more structure? Let’s talk and create a routine that will help you create balance between your physical activity and family life. I would love to help you create a healthy, happy lifestyle. Call or email us to setup a consult with me.

Sean Sinclair,

CrossFit London Coach

Jun 2

Head Coach Dave Henry on Persuasion Inc AM980

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Feb 7

Getting Started at CrossFit London

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What is CrossFit:

  • CrossFit is designed to develop well-rounded fitness through strength, conditioning, gymnastics, and mobility exercises to bring you time-efficient, effective, and fun workouts in a group training environment.
  • CrossFit is especially effective at getting people lean, strong, and fit, and is never boring.
  • Each 1-hour class consists of a warm-up, followed by some core or gymnastics skill work, then a strength/weight lifting element, and finishes up with a high-intensity workout.
  • Don’t let the intensity of CrossFit scare you away – with beginners our coaches emphasize proper mechanics and developing consistent form and technique before adding speed or load to the workout. Over time, the training ramps up as you continue to get stronger and faster, and the nature of CrossFit pushes you to learn new skills and never stop making progress as an athlete.
  • We offer two paths for training, and each day you’ll have the choice to self-select and follow our “Health & Wellness Program” or our “Competitive Program”, allowing you to find the right challenge and workout for YOU, based on how you’re feeling that day.
  • Although the workouts can sometimes be tough, thanks to our coaches they can be scaled to meet ANYONE’S ability level. We’re here to help you modify the workouts to deal with life’s realities – an injury, pregnancy, getting older, having a movement limitation – we’re here to help keep exercise in your life and help you stay on the path to health and wellness.


Free Workout
CrossFit Membership

CrossFit London, Jen - Lululemon photoshoot


Why People Love Our Gym:

  • Each class is led by a coach and you will be paired with others that have similar physical abilities so you have a training partner each time you workout.
  • People that have a Personal Trainer are 75% more successful than those without, and people that have a training partner are 40% better than those who train alone. Our program makes use of these concepts to maximize your success!
  • CrossFit London is for people who want to surround themselves with a support network of hard-working and motivated people who help each other to achieve personal goals.


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John Broz, CrossFit London, Olympic Weightlifting Seminar 1


The Benefits of Being Coached:

  • Our coaches have spent extensive hours learning training methods and techniques to get you direct results. All you have to do is arrive at the gym ready to work, and our coaches will take care of the rest helping you to follow and modify the workouts to maximize individual results.
  • Our coaches know everyone by name, and we like to regularly check-in with people to make sure that everything is going well with their training. Our success is based on your success.
  • You have one body and it deserves the best care it can get. Having a coach support your fitness goals saves you the time, money, and energy it costs to learn what we know about achieving success.


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One Day Indoc at CrossFit London


  • We’ve been in business since 2007 as one of Canada’s first CrossFit facilities and have helped thousands of people lose weight, build muscle, and get in shape.
  • Our long-term clients who have trained with us for years continue to see improvements in their strength and cardiovascular fitness levels, have maintained leaner body compositions, while still having fun doing the group workouts.
  • Our supportive environment with encouraging coaches and teammates of all ability levels makes it easier to get started on your health and fitness journey, regardless of the point you’re beginning at.
  • Letting our athletes choose from either our “Health & Wellness Program” or our “Competitive Program” lets you self-select the right level of challenge and workout for YOU, based on how you’re feeling that day for best results.


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CrossFit London, Jane's Deadlift PR, 70kg (February 2014)


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