Jan 27

What to do if you have a bad workout?

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As we progress through training, we start to have better training days than others. Sometimes you come into the gym and everything is going right. The weights seem a bit lighter, your pullups seem easier, and the wind feels like it’s only at your back on those runs. These days are great, and can be motivation to keep up with your consistent training. There are other days however, where nothing seems to go right. Everything feels heavier, you can’t seem to string your double-unders together, or quite simply you needed to break up a workout a lot more than you intended to. We’ve all had these workouts, and they can be quite frustrating. So what should you do after a workout like this?
First off, don’t worry about it. Sounds pretty simple, but you can’t stress over one bad workout. Your body is a complex machine, and sometimes it just doesn’t respond the way you want it to. With consistent training, you are bound to hit some speedbumps along the way. The key here is consistency. Whatever happened yesterday is in the past. As long as you show up today and give it 100%, you will continue to progress.
What you can control is what you learn from that workout. There are a few things we want to look at when you have a bad day.
1) How is your nutrition or hydration? Have you eaten poorly for a few days, or perhaps haven’t adequately hydrated? Food is your body’s fuel, and if you put poor food into your body, you can expect poor results. Try keeping a 3 day food log and visiting a Registered Dietician to analyze what you’re eating. There may be a key part of nutrition you are missing on a regular basis.
2) Did you not scale appropriately? We’ve all been there, thinking we’re a bit stronger than we thought, or just curious to see if you can handle a certain weight in a workout. It’s okay to try this out occasionally because sometimes we need to gauge our progress or see if you’ve mentally ready to handle a heavier load. Doing this over and over before you are ready will only hinder your progress. Ask your coach about how to scale a workout if you are unsure.
3) Are you just not as capable yet in a certain movement as you’d like to be? This can be the most frustrating and longest fix for bad workouts. Becoming comfortable with multiple skills and movements takes time and dedicated progress. We need to make sure our warmups reflect our goals, or using after class or open gym times to work specifically on skills you are not yet comfortable with. Realizing where your strengths and weaknesses are is the first step to building a solid foundation as an athlete.
Yes, bad workouts are going to happen in any kind of program. It’s perfectly normal and in fact a good thing. Without these workouts, you’d never realize where your weaknesses are. Once we find them, we can take action to turn those weaknesses into strengths.

The best swimmers in the world didn’t start by jumping in the deep end.  they practiced the basic strokes until they were perfect.  Don’t be afraid to “over scale” and build some confidence as well leaving room for improvement the next time.

Jan 22

CrossFit London Gym Tour

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Check out pictures of our big, bright 4000 square foot CrossFit London facility located in downtown London, Ontario.  A photo album of our gym training space and equipment can be found on our CrossFit London Facebook page: CrossFit London Gym Tour

Interested in trying a FREE WORKOUT at CrossFit London?  Sign up here: Try a Free Class

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Jan 21

Fraser Does CrossFit Workout “King Kong” Rx

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Fraser does “King Kong” as prescribed on January 15, 2015.

WOD: King Kong (3 rounds)
1 Deadlift @ 455 lb (205 kg)
2 Muscle ups
3 Squat cleans @ 250 lb (113kg)
4 Handstand pushups

The video is of the first round only — with Fraser Smith at CrossFit London.

Jan 12

CrossFit London Video Documentary

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Check it out! CrossFit London was recently featured on X News in a documentary on what’s it like to train at our box. Big, little, young, old, fit, or unfit, all backgrounds are welcome to join in the fun at our positive and supportive training environment. One hour group workouts are based around a proper warm-up, skills development session, weightlifting component, and wrap up with a metabolic conditioning (METCON) high intensity workout. Our coaches have been in the CrossFit business for 10 years and counting and our community continues to grow bigger and better by the day!

Jan 12

Like CrossFit London on Facebook

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If you aren’t already part of our Facebook group, go “LIKE” CrossFit Londononline right now, as well as our nutrition page NutritionRx!

There’s plenty of cool CrossFit workout pictures to look at, funny blog posts to skim, and insightful CrossFit articles to read as you troll through the content at home.  Our CrossFit London Facebook page is where a lot of our community and social interaction outside of training at the gym grows, and where we post important updates about upcoming events.

Interested in trying a FREE WORKOUT at CrossFit London?  Sign up here: Try a Free Class

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