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CrossFit is a prescription of professionally coached, high intensity strength training. CrossFit collects the best workouts from many different sporting communities and then makes them better. CrossFit can be completed privately in one-on-one personal training sessions as well as through small group classes in a motivating team environment. Private/team classes are also available upon request.

Strength Coaching:

CrossFit London provides private and group strength and conditioning sessions for athletes of all sports. By applying the CrossFit methods of metabolic conditioning, combined with focused attention on Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, and general preparedness conditioning, we can assist in maximizing any athlete’s physical and mental potential.


The Olympic lifts and their derivatives are the most effective training tools known for improving hip and leg power. Arguably, competency in these lifts ensures success in nearly all ground-based sports. Experienced and qualified instruction will be provided by one of our certified coaches each workout to enable you to work out safely at your full potential.


CrossFit London offers endurance training for the performance-motivated athlete. All distances can be prepared effectively for through basic routines that will prevent overuse injuries that are common from “standard” training programs. With an attention to detail, from adventure race navigation, to nutrition, to periodization of training volume, we’ll help you not only make it to the finish line, but help get you there quickly!


Private and group nutrition instruction is available which focuses on athletic performance and reaching your nutrition, health, and weight management goals. Nutritional support consists of practical methods to live a healthy lifestyle that promotes consistency and longevity with the foods you eat. We take a personalized approach to analyze each person’s own unique eating habits to come up with a nutrition plan that ensures success for YOU. Nutrition support is provided by a qualified Foods & Nutrition university graduate and nutrition professional, Jennifer Broxterman, Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist. Jennifer is there to help guide you through the confusing nutrition messages that permeate our society to help improve your metabolism, decrease cravings, achieve a healthy body weight, improve your athletic performance, and stay motivated and on track!

Safe Lifting Seminars:

Designed for the physical workplace, our professional strength and weightlifting coaches will show you how to implement safe lifting, pushing, and pulling movements into the workplace. Quick and effective warm-up and stretching movements will also be taught to ensure injury prevention while on the job. During the half-day course, the seminar will teach employees a preventative approach to lower the possibility of injury while completing physical tasks at work, and adds to any company’s ongoing wellness plans currently in place.

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