Jul 19

Athlete Highlight – Jonathan

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Jonathan Brett6

Prior to joining into our community, Jonathan already had a steady workout routine in a typical gym, plus running on the side. Although he never really enjoyed it, he would push himself through workouts to keep his body healthy. Since adding CrossFit into his routine, he has begun to actually enjoy exercise and fitness – this is now a lifestyle for him. His endurance has increased, he is learning new lifts, and he is becoming more confident in his own athletic abilities.

What got you interested in CrossFit?
I always had an interest in CrossFit but never felt like I had the time or the motivation to commit to joining a box. Back in December, I stated dating Shandra who was a member of CrossFit London. She sold me on how challenging the workouts were and how good the community was. After doing one trial workout, I was hooked.

What did your training schedule look like prior to joining us here at CrossFit London? What does it look like now?
Prior to CrossFit I was training 4-5 days a week at a regular gym, just doing a standard barbell routine. Since joining CrossFit London my routine has become more dynamic based on what my body is capable of handling in terms of recovery. An ideal week is 3 or 4 CrossFit workouts, 2 5-7km runs and 1 barbell workout at the regular gym (usually on Sunday).

How has CrossFit influenced your other activities?
Joining CrossFit London has changed the way I approach fitness. I used to exercise for the sole purpose of keeping my body healthy. It was never something I found great enjoyment in. But since starting CrossFit, exercise and fitness has become more of a lifestyle.
I’ve been entering athletic challenges in my spare time- already completing a Ragnar and Spartan Super this year- and I’m now training for my first half marathon in November. Training for distance running and doing CrossFit have a positive relationship on each other. I found that when I was at the peak of training for my Ragnar with 3-5 10k plus runs a week I had much better cardio to get through my CrossFit Workouts, and likewise the intensity of CrossFit made a 10k run feel very easy.

What is your drive/motivation to stay active?
Aside from placing myself in these athletic events, my motivation to stay active comes from the need to keep bettering myself. CrossFit is still very new to me so many of the activities (such as complicated Olympic lifts) are a challenge, but I can feel myself getting better every class and that feeling is what brings me back.

Jonathan Brett7
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Jun 28

Athlete Highlight – Devon

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Devon Shewfelt7

Our last highlight was on Michelle. This week we’d like to highlight her husband, Devon. Together, these two are one of our “power couples”. Similar to Michelle, Devon signed up to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. He quickly crushed that goal, and now focuses on our more competitive workouts and strength/skill training.

What got you into CrossFit in the first place?

After 4 years of medical school, and 2 years of residency, with day in day out routine changing monthly, I never got a chance to establish routine in the gym.  I had tried big box gyms before, but am a very social person and found doing it on my own to not be enjoyable and thus wouldn’t commit.  I had gotten to my heaviest at 250lb on a 6’5″ frame.  My wife and I were nervous and intimidated even before picking up the phone, but wanted to try something new.  I loved the team atmosphere, as well as work outs for everyday functionality.  Wouldn’t have hurt to learn some of the more daring moves were also a big drive for me.

What was it like at the beginning vs now?

The intimidation I felt melted away after a couple of classes, along with working with Danielle in personal training sessions to prove to myself I could do most of the movements, if at least modified.  Physically I’ve come miles, I’ve learned a ton of new skills, shattered personal records, and now that I’m a year in, working my way over to the group 2 workouts which are more skill/strength intensive.

The biggest shift I’ve noticed is mental. I am far more mentally tough, and able to fight my way through that wall we all hit when we work out, and rewarded with the accomplishment.

Body weight movements are also much easier having lost nearly 50lbs, and now my 202lb body is stronger than it was before.

How have you managed to stay consistent with your training with your own busy schedule?

I now work a more consistent schedule, but am also more motivated so will go in the morning, or evening as the days see fit.  My wife Michelle is my partner in crime, and we often feed off of each other, usually one of us is motivated if not both, which helps when the other isn’t.  It has carried into our eating habits as well.  Chef’s
Plate has been an easy addition to keep meals flexible to our schedule as well.

How have your health and fitness goals changed throughout the past year?

Initially I was focused on weight loss.  45lbs lost at 6 months, meant going forward I am now working towards learning new skills, and breaking my PRs.  I love the way I look and am hoping to fine tune things ;)

If you could go back in time, what is one thing you would tell yourself prior to starting at CrossFit?

Don’t hesitate to start, don’t be nervous… the hardest thing is walking through the door on day 1, then it gets easier and way more fun! Plus, 10 months before joining CrossFit I had a dramatic ankle fracture. My foot was facing the wrong way, plates, screws… Worst fracture the specialist had seen. Now I can say my ankle still feels great and I’m in the best shape of my life despite it!  Don’t be scared of your injuries just adapt to them.

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Jun 7

Athlete Highlight – Michelle

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Michelle Shewfelt3

Michelle came to us with her husband about a year ago in search of a fitness program that would change her lifestyle for the better. Bored of the typical big-box gyms, and not wanting to settle into a sedentary lifestyle, she signed up for our introductory class.

Her motive for joining was originally to lose weight and just become overall healthier. Now she focuses on skill work, such as pull ups and double-unders.

What got you into CrossFit in the first place?

I was looking for an exercise program that was different than just a big box gym. That’s what I had always done in the past and never really enjoyed it, which was a big reason I fell off the wagon with working out. I had been pretty sedentary for the past year and needed to make a big change. I have a few friends who do CrossFit and I had heard nothing but positive feedback from them so we decided to give it a try. The trial workout kicked my butt but it was the kind of kick start I needed.

What was it like at the beginning vs now?

In the beginning it was really hard. I was out of shape and would sometimes dread coming to the gym, worrying the workout was going to be too hard for me. I got results pretty quickly though, which motived me to keep coming. Now I look forward to seeing what I can accomplish. I know I’ll be able to do anything that comes my way and love getting new PRs.

How have you managed to stay consistent with your training with your own busy schedules?

Coming with my husband has made all the difference. Signing up for CrossFit together is one of the best things we’ve ever done. We motivate each other to go when the other may not necessarily feel like it. We both work fairly consistent hours, so just holding each other accountable to come to the gym before or after work when we have the time works best for us. We also started doing Chef’s Plate a few times a week which really helps with not having to stress about what to make for dinner after work and the gym.

How have your health and fitness goals changed throughout the past year?

When I first starting coming I just wanted to be healthier, but mainly, lose weight. I set a goal to lose 20 pounds when I did my first personal training sessions with Danielle, which I have exceeded at this point. Now I’m more focused on getting stronger and learning new skills – And doing double-unders without whipping myself in the arm haha.

If you could go back in time, what is one thing you would tell yourself prior to starting at CrossFit?

Be patient. Everything takes time. A lot of the movements were new for me and I would get frustrated initially by not being able to do them, or by lifting a lot less than other people. But you can’t compare yourself to others; it’s really just about being better than you were before.

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Michelle Shewfelt2






May 29

Athlete Highlight – Melissa

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 Melissa joined us at CrossFit London in September of 2016, and has been a regular in our gym ever since. She began training with the goal of looking good in her wedding dress – but this goal quickly changed as she was diagnosed with Lipedema in December of 2016.

Throughout all this she held her head high, remained positive and adapted her health and fitness goals with her new diagnosis. Because of her positive attitude and consistent strive to challenge herself in each workout, she is our Athlete Highlight.

Here’s her success story:

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

I have been coming to CrossFit since September of 2016.  Starting out was a little difficult, but I had heard some amazing things about CrossFit. I decided to try the first introductory class, which totally kicked my butt… and I’ve been coming ever since.

What was it like for you?

Motivation is one of my weaknesses. I was finding that making myself get up the confidence to come to class was hard, but I knew I needed to push myself since switching careers took a beating on my body.  I remember my first Saturday class, which I believe was maybe my 5th class total. After the class I sat in my car and snap chatted my friends a video saying “oh my god… I think I’m dying!”  The first month is the hardest because you don’t really know anyone and sometimes the workouts seem crazy, but then you realize the only person you are competing with is in the workouts is yourself, and you soon forget why you were so nervous to show up in the first place.

What has changed since starting your training?

Lots of things have changed for me since starting at CrossFit. I first started out training because I was getting married in the Dominican and wanted to feel good about myself around my family. Low and behold things changed when, at the end of December, I would find out that I have Lipedema. That turned my immature “I want to look great in my wedding dress” to “I need to control my lipedema before it controls me.”

I am starting to notice that I don’t feel as sluggish anymore and feel great after a crazy workout. If someone had said that to me after my first few classes I would have laughed and said they were crazy!

Another thing that has completely changed for me is the friendships I have gained. Since switching careers, it’s been hard to maintain friendships. They seem to fizzle out and then in the end it was just me on weekends hanging out alone because all my old friends would be working. The people I have met at CrossFit are a reason I go. If I miss a few days, I get texts asking me where I have been and when I walk in all I hear is “There she is!” and it really is a great feeling. The fact that you get cheered on during a workout is amazing. I may be dead last on some workouts but I will always here some of my new friends saying “Keep going Mel! You got this!” If it wasn’t for some of these people, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

They also encouraged me to join the CrossFit Open which I was really nervous about, especially seeing what the 17.1 was! But I will tell you, completing the 17.1 under the time cap was the most amazing feeling for me! Kalan looked at me and said “Mel you have 12 burpees to do in under 2 minutes” and I thought to myself “You cannot lose this bloody close!!” And sure enough, I squeaked in at 19:49 minutes. I seriously would not be where I am if it wasn’t for a lot of the people at CrossFit!

What are your future goals?

My future goals always change these days. But in the end I want to get my Bachelor in Interior Design and be a forefront for design in my company within Ontario. Also, I would like to show people that Lipedema may suck but you can control it! The fact that I have lost an inch on my calf was a crazy highlight for me! I was more excited about that than the 5 inches on my waist! I have had so many body issues, and knowing that CrossFit and my new eating plan has started reducing my Lipedema is amazing. I don’t want to ever be that person who shrugs it off and says it is what it is.

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Mar 27

Post WOD Recovery Smoothies

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CrossFit is HARD. It’s meant to be. CrossFit is meant to push our limits and make us the best athletes we can be. To sustain this level of training, we need to be equipped with the best recovery strategies. Just like we need to take rest days to let our muscles recover and grow, we need to constantly be putting in the right nutrition to speed up the recovery process.

Post-workout, the best recovery nutrition strategy involves getting a whole food source of carbohydrate and protein within a couple hours of training. Sometimes this can be tough, especially if you are training before work or school. Our favourite strategy for people on the go is bringing a pre-made smoothie to the gym to drink after their workout. Smoothies are a perfect portable option to get high quality carbohydrate and protein to the muscles after a taxing workout.

The protein powder we used in these recipes is our head coach Dave Henry’s favourite: XPN’s ISO XTREM Classic Series Whey Protein.  We offer a pre-order supplement program to our members every month. If you’d like to purchase the protein powder used in these shakes, simply fill out the order form when you receive the monthly email. To make them, combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

PDF Download: Smoothies with Protein Powder

Post-Workout Recovery Smoothies

Tropical Vanilla Recharge

Tropical Vanilla Recharge

  • Banana, medium, 1 each (preferably frozen)
  • Frozen strawberries, 2 cups
  • 1% milk or soy milk, 250mL
  • 1 scoop XPN ISO EXTREM Vanilla Protein Powder
  • Vanilla extract, 1 tsp
  • 2.5% vanilla yogurt, ½ cup (optional)


Protein-Packed Pumpkin
Protein-Packed Pumpkin

  • Banana, medium, ½ each (preferably frozen)
  • Pumpkin puree, 1/3 cup
  • 1% milk or soy milk, 250mL
  • 1 scoop XPN ISO EXTREM Vanilla/Plain Protein Powder
  • Pumpkin pie spice, ½ tsp
  • Maple syrup, 1 Tbsp
  • 2.5% vanilla yogurt, ½ cup (optional)



Chocolate Peanut Butter Reese-setChocolate Peanut Butter Reese-set

  • Banana, medium, ½ each (preferably frozen)
  • 1% milk or soy milk, 250mL
  • Cocoa Powder, 1 ½ Tbsp
  • 1 scoop XPN ISO EXTREM Vanilla/Plain Protein Powder
  • Peanut Butter, 2 Tbsp



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