May 25

Cross-Dress Day Challenge – July 14, 2012

For those of you who have been training at CrossFit London for awhile, you’re probably already aware that our favourite summer celebration is coming up… DRESS DAY!!

This gym challenge started in 2010 with our first 7 contenders, who had to successfully achieve their 1st muscle up by a 3-month deadline, or face the penalty of doing a workout in front of the gym wearing a women’s dress of their choice.  The four unlucky fellows in the picture below were unsuccessful in meeting their goal, and performed the first Dress Day Workout in front of the gym, followed by a big gym BBQ.

The tradition continued in 2011, with more members signing up for the muscle up challenge, including these 3 lovely competitors…

In 2012, we have more members than ever before signed up! The rules have expanded to include more people of all ability levels.  If you can’t do a muscle up and are still working on strict pull-ups, you can challenge yourself with a goal to do 1-5 (unbroken) strict pull-ups.  If you can already do 5 strict pull-ups, you are automatically placed in the muscle up pool, and must challenge yourself to do anywhere between 1-10 (unbroken) ring muscle ups.  The purpose of the Dress Day Challenge is to push yourself to a new level of strength and personal accomplishment.  Those athletes who are unsuccessful in meeting their goal (deadline: Fri. July 13th @ 8pm) must face the penalty of working out in a dress of their choice (for the men), or a gentleman’s suit and moustache (for the women), in front of the entire gym, followed by a fun BBQ social on Saturday July 14th (10:30 am – 1:00 pm).  Good luck to all of our competitors this year!!

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