Regular Classes

Regular classes are held six days per week (schedule) and are based on the CrossFit prescription of constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.  We offer 31 Regular CrossFit classes, 3 Bootcamp classes, 3 Specialty classes, and 2 Beginner classes each week. Each class delivers fitness that is designed to be broad, general, and inclusive.  In every workout, you will be presented with new fitness challenges and an ever-changing stimulus by incorporating many different activities and skills, such skipping, rowing, running, Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics, dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, box jumps, rope climbs, tire flips, body weight movements, muscle ups, and more!

Each workout is designed to push athletes to complete functional movements at high intensity. Each class will start with a proper warm-up and skills instruction, followed by the workout. The ingenuity of CrossFit is that it is universally scalable, allowing any committed individual to see strength and fitness gains regardless of experience. The same program can be used for males and females, big or small, young or old, fit or unfit, or anywhere in between simply by scaling the load and intensity. If you are willing to show up consistently and work hard with a positive attitude, fitness goals will be achieved and new friendships will flourish out of our community-orientated training environment.

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